Apollo Ingredients encompasses of OPERATING COMPANIES robustly serving the HUMAN, ANIMAL AND AGRO health domain spearheading to create a niche for itself in this dynamic industry. The Group marked the commencement of its journey in the early 2007 in India. Subsequently, the founders of the Group aligned commerce opportunities with national health building thereby establishing a synergy between their innate values and business needs. This approach distinctly remains ingrained in the Groups ethos even today after widening their operations to other geographies.

Apollo Ingredients instigated the facility build-up within a petite span of one year. Year 2008 turned out to be a momentous year for Apollo Ingredients with not only the R and D centre marking its footsteps, but also the conception inception and commissioning of the large-scale Health ingredients manufacturing resource at Indore

After 4 years of determined and sheer efforts by the zealous R and D output resulting in multiple product launches. Apollo Ingredients crossed yet another significant milestone when another facility at Shrirampur blotted its beginning in Aug 2012.