We have never compromised on purity and quality and we have achieved a high level of customer appreciation thus establishing long lasting relationships. We source our products from highly reliable sources and also provide goods that meet the requirements of our customers. Considerable research is carried out, both in the development of existing products as well as new products. We are blessed with a dedicated and highly skilled group of technicians who make use of the most advanced analytical equipment to ensure the authenticity of raw materials and their compliance for origin and quality

High standards of quality control are an essential part of each stage of production, with samples assessed by odor and GLC, and cross checked with reference samples. In addition, products are checked for confirmation with Apollo Ingredients specifications and industry specifications.

What has changed is the range of products we have introduced over time to serve every need in the industry; what hasn't changed however is our commitment to quality and customer support. Precision, quality and a firm belief in perfection has resulted in constant up gradation of technology and expansion of the existing production facilities to meet changing and exacting demands. We have the best of men and machines.

We aim at providing the best in quality and services to our clients widely spread all over the world. This has made us conspicuous when compared to others., We serve a large group of satisfied and loyal clients all across the globe who vouch for the quality of our products

Important instruments in QA and its applications

HPLC with Degasser, Quarternary gradient pump, autosampler, UV and Fluorescent detector & PHRED

For major ingredient analysis like capsaicin,piperine,curcumin,carnosic acid,rosmarinic acid etc and Aflatoxin analysis

GLC with FID

For the residual solvent analysis in spice oleoresins and major component analysis in essential oils.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

For major ingredient analysis in spices like capsaicin, piperine, curcumin, colour etc

Karl Fischer Apparatus

For the moisture analysis of solvents and liquid additives.


For finding Refractive index

Centrifuging apparatus

For finding percentage of sediments

pH mete