Apollo Ingredients is a unique Drug Discovery Company engaged in development of herbal , safe and effective pharmaceuticals, Over The Counter products, and nutraceuticals. Research at Apollo Ingredients is taking a step ahead from development of conventional herbal products to universally accepted pharmaceuticals with analytical, preclinical and clinical supportive data. In this endeavor Apollo Ingredients is supported by a competent staff and highly qualified scientific advisors.

Research pipeline


Apollo Ingredients is in the process of development of novel anti inflammatory product. It explores the active ingredients from a less known but highly effective climber from the dense forests of India. The product has shown great promise in the treatment of allergy, headaches and migraine through nasal route. The product has successfully completed the safety and pharmacology and is in initial clinical trials.


The product explores the use of a bioactive fraction from traditionally well known herb. This unique formulation has shown promise by elimination the visceral fats from the animals without any other side the product is in clinical trials phase.

Liver disorders

A product comprising the beneficial effects of three herbs blended in optimum proportions. The product has passed the safety and preclinical pharmacology and is in the initial clinical trial stage. The formulation has been tested in drug induced liver damage in rats with excellent results.

Cancer – Quality of life

Cancer treatment adversely affects the quality of life in patients undergoing the treatment. Apollo Ingredients is in the process of developing a unique product that reduces the side effects of the treatment and improves the quality of life. The product has cleared the preclinical studies and is being studied in a placebo controlled multicentric clinical trial.

Cancer- Chemo and radioprevention

Cancer can be effectively treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. However there are several side effects that accompany the treatment. Apollo Ingredients has developed a novel single ingredient formulation that has proven to potentiate the chemotherapy and radio therapy. Te product is being studied for safety.

Cancer Treatment

Different options are available for the treatment of cancer. Almost all of them come with adverse side effects and resurgence of disease is common. Apollo Ingredients has developed a novel formulation that has been proven to be highly effective in treatment of solid tumors and at the same time has no side effects. The product is now being studied for long term safety.