Ms Lovely Mutreja – MD

A fervent robust individual who withheld a vision of emerging as a flourishing entrepreneur. A postgraduate in International business who is very analytical and possesses an eagle’s eye thereby fetching her the insights of systemic thinking and strategic planning. Spearheading zealously to create a niche for herself in this dynamic arena all thanks to her innate marketing competencies. Her thirst for acquiring a stance has contributed relentlessly to her journey from being a tyro to a virtuoso in the domain. Exceptional know how about market segmentation and market positioning has helped her well percolate in this arena where mounting innovation is the need of the hour. She heads a cluster of like-minded meticulous and diligent individuals who indeed irrefutably have been a vital fraction of her triumphant ventures.

Dr Sachin Chaturvedi - CEO

A fanatical entity with a colossal blend of praiseworthy investigative skills and modernization aptitude to cater surpassing output in intricate situations. Adept at strengthening the links between the research sector and the industry while enhancing the innovation and technology transfer culture. Profoundly achieved his Masters in Botany in the year 2001 and then incessantly spearheaded to mark his footsteps in the domain by accomplishing his PHD (Doctorate) in Botany. This fetches him superiority in understanding and leading the Research and Development workforce at Apollo Ingredients as one of the esteemed directors and aco founder in the year 2007 with an exhaustive experience of about 6 years (New Drug Development) in his kitty. He ardently enables his team to discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological topics for the purpose of uncovering and enabling development of valuable new products processes, and services.